About our work

Solidarity Coffee Network


We connect producers and buyers forming a transparent coffee market place where fair relationships prosper.  This is where coffee and tech intersect for a more equitable coffee market.  Send us a message to become part of the network.

Zapatista Coffee Producers


We partner with Zapatista coffee producers in southern Mexico to bring you high quality, organic and socially responsible coffee.  Producers receive a fair price which also allows them to invest in the socio-cultural well being of their communities. 

Our Mission


We aim to contribute to a more equitable coffee market from seed to cup.  We do this through the cultivation of fair relationships with producers at origin and workforce development and leadership capacity building at home. Your purchase directly supports our work.


Learn More About Our Project

Would you like to learn more about our project? Do you have a wholesale request? Interested in purchasing green coffee? Send us a message and we will reply asap.

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